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(we will waive any diagnostics fee if you decide to have your computer repaired by Average Joe Computer Services)

Repairs & Upgrades

Average Joe Computer Services offers the best computer repair and service in the Metro area. All repairs are made to get you up and running fast. If your computer is broken, we will repair it. If it is running slow, we will tune it up. If it is not meeting your needs we can upgrade it. Your computer will be given back to you setup the way you want and running fast!


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Computer Sales

New and used computers tailored to meet your specific needs. Both desktops and laptops readily available. All our computers come with a 90-day warranty. We also offer custom build desktops for business, gaming or home use. Every new custom built computer also comes with warranty. For more information visit us or click the button to contact us.

Tune-up & Optimization

Fast startup times and speedy operations are among the greatest joys of working & playing on a new computer. After all, we want our computers to run at peak capacity but it doesn't happen & it is always a good idea to take a regular "tune-up". That's where we come in, we can optimize your computer and make sure it runs good as new again.


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Virus Removal

We are dedicated to keeping your computer in excellent condition and functioning at top performance while keeping you safe online. For users, two of the biggest enemies are computer viruses and malware. Virus and Malware removal are two of our most common services for both, home and business users.


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PC Diagnostics

In this smart era, no one can imagine a life without a computer. Computers have made our life easier. If you are experiencing any computer problems such as system failures, data backup problems, data lost issues, errors, screen freezing, blue screens, pop-ups, slow running computer or any other such issues; you may need to visit us, give us a call today.


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Data Backup & Recovery

If you find configuring and managing backups challenging, we can help. We offer data backup & recovery solutions for home and business users. Some of our services include data transfer, recovery of documents, data recovery diagnostics, setting up backup software with reporting, automating backups and much more.


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