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Average Joe Computer Services is designed to offer an innovative approach to computer repair. From the detailed intake process to the 90 day (1/3% more than industry average) warranty, our focus is dedicated to superior customer service. Average Joe Computer Services is committed to address the consumer individual needs, strengthen your abilities and relationship with your computer. Average Joe Computer Services believes that when you have confidence in your computer skills you will be more proficient as well as having a more enjoyable experience. Getting your computer streamlined to function as efficiently as possible is the first step to enhancing your CPU skills.

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Our Clients Say

Here at Average Joe Computer Services we offer an innovative approach to computer repair.
Read what some of our clients have to say:

  • Whitney Merrill

    "Joe is the best. I dropped my computer off for service and before I got home he had already cracked it open and diagnosed it. He gave me an honest and clear description of the problem. I am not a novice when it comes to computers and I could tell this guy knows his stuff. He told me fixing my lap top would more than it was worth and did not charge me for his time."

    Beau Mannering

    "Mathew first tried to help me over the phone, which was a nice surprise. After exhausting the options, he was able to help me on the spot at his shop. He's very knowledgeable, generous with his time, professional, and very fair with his pricing."

  • Todd Peterson

    "Great service and great turnaround time!!"

    Miss Eva

    "Great service! Fast same day service and got everything done quick and correctly done! My old pc is running better than it did when it was new even. He saved me the cost of a new pc. Just upgraded everything, and put in new software etc and cleaned and redid the hard drives, it is so good now! Go to him for anything with a computer!! Great job Matthew!!! Thanks again!!!"

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